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Our goal at Molecular Testing Labs™ is to empower every medical professional and patient with the specific knowledge to properly prescribe and dose a patient’s symptoms and conditions with accurate medication in specific dosages for optimized results. All of this can be done by providing genetic information specific to the patient and the condition to be treated. Up to now, patient diagnostics are done through a trial-and-error dosage scheme based on historical data. Today, through molecular genetics, a patient can now have a treatment plan tailored specifically for their body type and physiology. In other words, their known genetic code becomes an “owners manual” unlike any that have been available to date for patient diagnostics – a personalized medicine profile.

“ Molecular testing is transforming the medical practice and is
an integral part of personalized medicine and targeted therapy.
Molecular testing will be routine clinical tests for the entire
spectrum of the disease management.”

Molecular DNA testing results are the instruction
manual that doctors need to properly diagnose and
guide their patients treatment

A few short years ago, genetic probes were a tool of little more than research
labs. Now, with tests for clinically significant and specific gene sequences readily
available, they are rapidly becoming the standard of care when using certain
drugs and treating specific disorders, A physician who does not take advantage
of this once unimaginable technology is only risking patients’ lives and their own medical liability

At no time in the history of medicine has a technology with such a significant
clinical impact moved from the research bench into daily clinical practice. This
is only hastened by the FDA warnings being included on increasing numbers of
package inserts, just daring physicians to use these medications without genetic
testing at their own and the patients’ peril.

It was not many years ago when genetic testing consisted of little more
than a buccal smear for Barr bodies, It’s really mind-bending that now,
from that same buccal smear, we can look at individual base-pair substitutions
on specific genes and use that information to determine the exact quantity of
which drug with which to most effectively and safely treat that individual patient!

Molecular Testing Labs™ is a CLIA certified and CAP accredited testing laboratory that specializes in the cutting edge field of Molecular Genetics. Genetic testing has progressed well past the early days of counting chromosomes. It has extended its usefulness and applicability well beyond comparing DNA signatures, as is frequently seen in forensic work and crime dramas on TV and in the movies.

The science of Molecular genetics uses molecular biology to identify information coded into the  Genes of a specific individual and how this information is expressed in that individual. The Human Genome Project, initiated in 1990, was completed in 2003. Since that time, thousands of individual genes have been identified.

Molecular Testing Labs provides genotyping data for Mutations in genes proven to have an impact on patient health and quality of life. Pharmacogenetics technology has now provided us the tools and equipment to look at the individual Base Pairs of DNA, which are the molecules that make up DNA and can vary significantly between individuals. This process has been automated to the point where it is commercially available for many of the genes that have proven to be important.

Molecular genetic tests can yield a broad scope of information about an individual. This includes not only diagnostic information to determine if an individual has a genetically determined disorder, it also provides a way for healthcare providers to assess how each individual will respond to a large number of commonly prescribed medications, supplements and various environmental substances. The test results provide a window into an individual’s distinct  Pharmacokinetics.  It is even possible to look at the genetic signature of many viruses and bacteria to definitively identify certain types of infections such as Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and Herpes Simplex Virus 1 & 2 (HSV 1 & 2)

Molecular Testing Labs™ is at the forefront of this exciting new field. We offer an efficient and effective way to customize your healthcare and accept most insurance plans. We offer molecular genetic testing of a wide variety of genes that have been identified as having a significant clinical impact. As more genes are identified and tests developed to genotype individuals for those genes, we will continue to expand our offerings in order to remain as the pioneered and lead laboratory in Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacogenomics, and Pharmacokinetics.

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