Molecular Testing Labs™ (Molecular™) is proud to announce its recent New York State Clinical Laboratory Certification. This accomplishment allows Molecular™ to offer genetic testing services to New York state physicians and patients. New York State certification for pharmacogenetic testing offered by MTL indicates the state agency, Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program (CLEP), has diligently and rigorously reviewed our laboratory, its processes and procedures, and awarded the laboratory with their stamp of approval. Molecular™ is among the country’s elite laboratories, continuously setting high standards for accuracy, reliability and clinical validity.

CLEP ensures the accuracy and reliability of laboratory test results through on-site inspections, proficiency testing and evaluation of the qualifications of personnel working at clinical laboratories. Proper performance of diagnostic laboratory tests is a matter of vital concern, affecting the public health, safety and welfare of individuals.

About Molecular Testing Labs™

Molecular Testing Labs™ is one of the country’s leaders in pharmacogenetic testing. Based in Vancouver, WA, Molecular™ is a CLIA licensed, CAP accredited clinical laboratory providing physicians and their patients with actionable, precision healthcare information to improve, or maintain health and wellness.

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