Molecular Testing Labs™ (Molecular™) has announced that they have recently obtained in-network provider enrollment status with TRICARE North. Molecular now carries in-network status with TRICARE nationally – South,  West, and North administered regions. With this new status, Molecular can now provide its brand of personalized medicine to  over nine million beneficiaries of the TRICARE network.

The mission of TRICARE is to enhance the Department of Defense and our nation’s security by providing health support for the full range of military operations and sustaining the health of all those entrusted to their care. To accomplish this, TRICARE provides health plans, special care, prescriptions, and dental plans to their members.

“We are so pleased to have obtained this status with TRICARE North,” said James York, Managing Director of Business Development.  He went on to say, “Our contract status with TRICARE, PC3, Veteran’s Choice, and VA FSS leaves us well-positioned to provide our diagnostic testing to all Veterans, Active Duty Military, and family members across the country.

More About Molecular Testing Labs™

Molecular Testing Labs™ is a CLIA and CAP accredited, state-of-the-art, esoteric and reference laboratory. We specialize in high-complexity, molecular testing with an extensive portfolio of services including infectious disease, toxicology, targeted sequencing, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), and high resolution immune profiling. Molecular Testing Labs™ offers a variety of clinical trial services comprising of assay development, trial site training, investigator support, and customized reporting.

We apply the maximum level of control to obtain the most consistent and highest quality results. Molecular Testing Labs™ is founded on three guiding principles – Compliance, Innovation and Partnership. For more information, please visit our corporate website –