James York

James York | Head of Sales and Business Development

James is a graduate of East Tennessee State University where he majored in Exercise Physiology and prepared for medical school. Even though his interest was always focused on medicine and science, his first career position was a trader of equities and options on the Southwest Securities Trading Floor. Desiring to enter the healthcare sector and return to his roots, he leveraged his experience from the trading floor to start capitalizing, managing and operating various healthcare companies. James has had involvement in durable medical equipment, spinal medical devices, intra-operative neuromonitoring, clinical research, networking, pharmacies and laboratories. He has had many roles within each company including VP of Sales, President, and CEO – for companies both private and public.

James is extremely excited about contributing to Molecular Testing Labs. He believes the market is craving the combination of scientific advancements and business ethics that only MTL can deliver in the laboratory space.