Adam Blackwell | Co-Founder | Head of Laboratory Operations and R&D

Adam has a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Technology and a B.A. in Business Administration and spent 10 years as a Navy Nuclear Submariner in the US Navy. Adam spent 13 years in the semiconductor industry working mostly in the field at customer sites in the US. Additionally, he spent time setting up a new sales and support facility in a small Italian village. After five years in Europe, Adam joined a solar power capital equipment company as a Director focused primarily on procurement and supply chain management. This role allowed Adam the opportunity to establish an international supply chain network that expanded from several locations in Europe to numerous locations in China, South Korea and Taiwan. Adam’s entrepreneurial spirit then prompted him to start-up six direct access laboratory testing collection centers in the Pacific Northwest and later added two wellness centers focusing on Medical Weight-Loss and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy programs. Following, Adam joined his partners in the creation and development of Molecular Testing Labs™. Adam deeply believes that every person, no matter what their level of economic means, should have direct access to laboratory testing. “We live in an age of technology where people have the ability to learn more about their personal health than at any time in our history. Through Molecular Testing Labs™, “we want to empower people to be a part of their personal health management by direct access testing” states Adam. “Clearly, this needs to be done in partnership with the physician and should include a conversation that is based on open information about our body’s genetic and molecular make-up”.

Peter Flynn

Peter Flynn | Co-Founder | Director Laboratory Operations

After earning an Associate Degree from Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, AZ, Pete joined the US Navy where he was selected to serve as a technical supervisor and operator for the world’s newest and most complex shipboard RADAR system. Following sea duty including Operation Desert Storm, Pete travelled from coast to coast training new crews and co-authoring several technical operations documents for the US and Japanese Navies. Pete spent 15 years in the semiconductor industry starting up new factories, implementing new service contracts and developing and deploying cutting edge technical programs throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Pete’s desire to help people combined with a passionate entrepreneurial spirit led him to join his partners in the start-up and day to day operation of several medical testing collection centers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Creation and development of Molecular Testing Labs soon followed. “Medical providers and their patients depend on our services being 100% accurate and delivered in a timely manner. Continual advancements in medical testing deliver amazing benefits but nothing is more exciting and motivating then stories from providers detailing how our testing has benefited their patient. At Molecular Testing Labs we constantly improve our capabilities to provide nothing short of a world class product – lives truly can depend on it.”

Charles Sailey, M.D., M.S., FCAP

Charles Sailey, MD, MS, FCAP | Laboratory Director

Dr. Charles Sailey obtained dual master degrees in cell biology and biotechnology before medical training. After obtaining his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine, he completed residency training in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology at the University of Maryland, followed by fellowship training in Molecular Genetic Pathology at the University of North Carolina. As medical and scientific director of the Molecular Genetic Pathology, Molecular Microbiology, Metabolic Genetics, and Clinical Chemistry laboratories at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, he planned, designed, and coordinated the construction of a human genetics laboratory in 2011. Since that time, the laboratory has thrived and is now offering a full genetic test menu, including targeted mutation analysis using Sanger sequencing, MLPA, and copy-number variation using a SNP microarray, among others. He had several ongoing internal research projects, including the construction of a 15 target plasmid for limit-of-detection and QA studies (patent pending) used with various PCR assays. Other projects included downstream analysis of archived DNA correlated with degree of apoptotic laddering, correlation studies between homebrew and commercial platforms for various molecular assays (including C. diff, sepsis, respiratory infections, PCR, and DNA sequencing), and genotyping various strains of infectious organisms in Arkansas. He also spearheaded an extensive review of all send-out genetic tests for appropriateness and cost effectiveness at a large pediatric hospital. He currently has two larger studies still underway; one involves characterizing miRNA biomarkers in children who have had LVAD placement to help stratify individuals with reverse remodeling from those advancing to end-stage heart failure. The other involves creating a custom next-generation sequencing panel looking at genes involved in psychiatric drug metabolism for nonresponsive patients. Recently, he developed the next generation sequencing core facility at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, with custom designed novel autism and hereditary disease gene panels. Dr. Sailey has over 40 peer reviewed publications, book chapters, and presentations, including data presented at national conferences.

McKenny-Hara, Siobhan

Siobhan McKenny, BS, CTS | Laboratory QA/QC Director & Lab Manager – Toxicology

As Laboratory Manager of Toxicology, Siobhan brings 34 years of forensic and clinical toxicology experience to Molecular Testing Labs (MTL). Prior to MTL, Siobhan was Research and Development technologist at Legacy Laboratory Services (LLS) where she worked for twenty years. As the R & D Specialist, she was responsible for the research, validation and implementation of the majority of Laboratory Developed Tests at LLS. She also held several different positions including; QA/QC Officer, Alternate Responsible Person, Certifying Scientist, and Technical Specialist. She received her license as a Clinical Toxicologist Scientist in 1987 and graduated from California State University-Sacramento with a BS in Biological Science with emphasis in Clinical Laboratory Technology.

Siobhan is excited to be working with Molecular Testing Labs™ and the first thing she noticed was the motivation and excitement of fellow employees and her staff. Siobhan has tremendous passion for her work and loves what she does. Outside of work she enjoys skiing, working out, and promoting a healthy lifestyle for her children.

Hemphill, Chris

Chris Hemphill | Lab Manager – Infectious Disease

Chris joined MTL in early 2015 after relocating to the Pacific Northwest from Arkansas Children’s Hospital. His background is in molecular biology and immunology with regard to infectious disease. Chris has more than 20 years of clinical and research experience working in CLIA and CAP accredited laboratories. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations and new assay development in the Infectious Disease laboratory.