Molecular Testing Labs Announces Selection of Dr. Ebere Morgan as New Vice President of Human Resources

Published On: May 11, 2023By Categories: Company News/Press/Partnerships


Molecular Testing Labs has selected Ebere Morgan, Ph.D., as Vice President of Human Resources, a first for the company, showcasing rapid growth and impact in the laboratory testing industry. Dr. Morgan joins the company with more than 20 years of experience in human resources, organizational leadership, and learning and development. He has served in leadership roles, including Chief Learning Officer and professor, within health systems, universities, strategy firms, and edtech companies around the world.

“The need for affordable and accessible healthcare has never been greater, especially in high-need demographics and communities. Molecular Testing Labs is leading the way in revolutionizing the necessary sustainable change through its world-class diagnostic innovation efforts,” said Morgan. “This commitment to expanding affordable access to healthcare diagnostics through effective logistics, technology, and innovation transforms individual lives and entire communities, and it is an honor to join the amazing team at Molecular Testing Labs, where lives are empowered at the molecular level – one person at a time.”

Most recently, Dr. Morgan has served as Senior Director of Talent Management at Academic Partnerships, where he led talent programs for nearly 500 employees supporting more than 50 colleges and universities with technology, marketing, and student support services. He holds an Associate Professor appointment at the University of Maryland and served as Professor at Seneca College in Toronto. Earlier in his career, Dr. Morgan led learning and organizational development at JPL Health Network, a health system in Dallas-Fort Worth with more than 550 beds, as well as the international consulting firm Deztiny Strategies.

“With the continued growth Molecular Testing Labs has seen, we are excited Ebere has joined the team to help us better amplify and support our people and culture, our most important assets at the company,” said Eric Strafel, CEO of Molecular Testing Labs. “We take pride in many staff members still being with the company since it was founded, as well as in welcoming other purpose-driven professionals to join us on our journey to greater impact. Ebere’s leadership will help us all further contribute to our mission.”

About Ebere Morgan:

Dr. Ebere Morgan is a dynamic and accomplished human capital executive, corporate leadership strategist, educator, author, and health leader. He advances thought leadership in multiple professional disciplines, including leadership intelligence, organizational leadership, health systems strategies, international development, broad organization effectiveness solutions, and strategic employee lifecycle experience in multiple industry sectors.

Dr. Morgan has also gained wide global exposure as a professional and academic in various industry sectors for over two decades, bringing exponential value to various professional and organizational contexts. He is highly skilled in driving high performance and unique strategic advantage through sound people strategies and executing high-impact intelligent solutions aligned with business objectives.

He provides oversight on various corporate boards and advisory councils at both local and global levels, where he lends his critical skills, experience, and acumen in systems governance and leadership. Dr. Morgan deploys unassailable competence, expertise, and eclectic knowledge to generate effective and sustainable transformative change for people, organizations, and communities across continental divides. He is focused on advancing strategic human capital functions with best-in-class leadership intelligence tools, methodologies, and capabilities to innovate, operationalize, and systematize effective change.

Dr. Morgan is passionate about people and bringing about strong dynamism in workplace teams and organizations at large. He holds multiple advanced degrees, including a doctorate in Leadership & Strategic Change. He also serves as a professor and research scholar in numerous institutions of higher learning and various professional bodies. He routinely enjoys traveling, social networking, and playing the piano. Dr. Morgan makes his home in Dallas, Texas with his wonderful wife, Hazel, and three wonderful kids.

About Molecular Testing Labs:

Molecular Testing Labs is a mission-driven, innovative health sciences company specializing in clinical diagnostics headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. Molecular Testing Labs’ leaders are visionary in their approach to precision laboratory diagnostics and are committed to increasing the accessibility and affordability of diagnostic testing via cutting-edge research and development, advanced logistics, and proprietary technology systems. They provide laboratory solutions through collaborative partnerships with payors, private healthcare institutions, universities, commercial partners, and public health organizations.

Molecular Testing Labs is a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited state-of-the-art reference laboratory staffed by people passionate about bridging the gap and building bonds between large communities with access to diagnostics and smaller, underserved communities that deserve the same access. Molecular Testing Labs is a pioneer in creating distribution and specimen collection methods that can open access to medical testing to communities in which geographic, financial, and stigma barriers have created gaps in the delivery of healthcare.

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