Molecular Testing Labs™ (Molecular™) has announced that they have recently obtained in-network provider enrollment status with TRICARE North. Molecular now carries in-network status with TRICARE nationally – South,  West, and North administered regions. With this new status, Molecular can now provide its brand of personalized medicine to  over nine million beneficiaries of the TRICARE network.… Read More

Cofepris and Molecular Testing Labs

Pharmacogenetic Testing is available to help guide clinician’s medication decisions for patients being treated for cardiovascular disease, mental health and chronic pain management. Vancouver, WA – Molecular Testing Labs™ (Molecular™) today announced that COFEPRIS, regulatory body of the Mexican Government, issued health registration for pharmacogenetic testing. COFEPRIS is a decentralized organization of the Department of… Read More

Digital Health Startup Makes Regular STD Testing More Accessible, Affordable, and Private   AUSTIN, TX, January 24, 2017 — EverlyWell, a digital health startup transforming the consumer lab testing experience, today announced the launch of a new at-home STD test kit. The kit will help consumers screen for critical sexually transmitted diseases in the privacy… Read More

Vancouver, WA – Molecular Testing Labs™ (Molecular™) has announced that they have obtained an in-network laboratory agreement with Coventry Health Care. Coventry Health Care is a national company working to insure individuals, families, and businesses in medical, worker’s compensation and motor vehicle categories. This in-network agreement will provide services offered by Molecular™, across all Coventry insurance… Read More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: United States Department of Veterans Affairs Awards Molecular Testing Labs™ Federal Supply Schedule Contract Pharmacogenomic testing is available to help guide clinicians’ medication decisions for veterans being treated for addiction management, mental health (including post-traumatic stress disorder) and chronic pain management Vancouver, WA – December 15, 2016 – Molecular Testing Labs™ today… Read More

Molecular Testing Labs™ (Molecular™) is proud to announce its recent New York State Clinical Laboratory Certification. This accomplishment allows Molecular™ to offer genetic testing services to New York state physicians and patients. New York State certification for pharmacogenetic testing offered by MTL indicates the state agency, Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program (CLEP), has diligently and rigorously… Read More

CYP2C19 Gene

Carol, 63 Orange, CA Symptoms: ·      Unsightly bruising ·      Excessive bleeding Clinical Analysis: An anti-platelet therapy was initiated to reduce morbidity associated with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. A pacemaker was implanted. The anti-platelet dose was reduced from daily, to twice weekly, due to intolerable hemorrhagic complications. Pharmacogenetic testing was ordered as excessive bleeding/bruising continued despite the… Read More

SLCO1B1 Gene

Annette, 53, Louisiana Symptoms: Muscle spasms Pain Insomnia History of frequent panic attacks Depression Clinical Analysis: The patient was prescribed multiple medications, including HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor (statin) for high cholesterol, and has a history of poor response to medications. Pharmacogenetic testing was ordered upon establishing care with a new doctor. Result: The MTL pharmacogenetic testing… Read More


Carrie, 39 Greenwood Village, CO Symptoms: Undermanaged post-surgical pain History of non-response and adverse effects with pain medication Clinical analysis: Breast cancer patient undergoes three surgeries in three months, including 32 lymph node removals and reconstruction. Persistent post-surgical pain and intolerable side effects; given the same opioid analgesic each time with no efficacy. Result: OPRM1… Read More

OPRM1 Gene

Provided by: InTouch Pharmacy- LTC Pharmacy Group (manages prescriptions for more than 65 facilities) Patient: Jo, 57 (female) Symptoms: Agitation Anxiety Defiant behavior Pain Clinical Analysis: A tumor induced brain injury resulted in severe agitation and pain. Increased frequency of pain medication; initiated anti-depressant therapy for anxiety and agitation. After several months, Jo continued to… Read More