HIV Treatment and Prevention and the Washington State PrEP Drug Assistance Program

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Over the last thirty years, HIV treatment and prevention have undergone many iterations of change and improvement. From the first antiretroviral treatment, zidovudine (more commonly known as AZT) in 1987 to medication Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), HIV treatment and prevention has reduced mortality and morbidity from near-certain death at the start of the AIDS crisis to a manageable chronic condition. Reducing the number of new infections and properly treating those who have tested positive requires regular testing and treatment. Molecular Testing Labs is committed to helping achieve this goal and bridge the gaps between communities.

In our commitment to improving quality of life through access to necessary healthcare, Molecular Testing Labs has partnered with the Washington State Department of Health PrEP Drug Assistance program. Participating patients receive monetary assistance for prophylactic medication and require quarterly diagnostic testing. PrEP is most effective when taken as prescribed, and attending these regular follow-up visits to a doctor provides an opportunity for patients to stay informed and empowered about their health and wellbeing. Many people discontinue use due to an inability to get to a doctor or lab for testing.

Studies have also shown that many patients face HIV-related stigma, creating distrust of the medical system and reducing medication adherence rates. Our at-home self-collected PrEP testing kit includes CDC-recommended testing, such as STI screening, Creatinine levels, and pregnancy tests for female patients. Providers can allow patients to participate more fully in their healthcare by collecting samples in the comfort of their homes and maintaining a current prescription for PrEP.

We encourage you to take a moment to consider stigma in your practice. Help the fight against HIV/AIDS by making treatment and prevention attainable for all.

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