How Molecular Partners with Urologists

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During COVID-19, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests became well-known for providing the most accurate results – fast. But COVID-19 is far from the only use for PCR tests. In fact, PCR testing has become the gold standard in diagnosing Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) as well, providing results in 24 hours and 99%+ specificity. Here’s some more information about how Molecular Testing Labs can partner with your urology office and equip you with PCR testing and even your own onsite lab. 

Why PCR UTI Testing 

Not only can you get results fast, and trust what they say, but using PCR tests for UTIs also improves the patient experience. By testing, diagnosing and treating the patient the same day, they’ll benefit from the utmost convenience, as well as quick treatment and relief.

When we talk with a urology office for the first time, we like to plan a visit and conduct a site survey. Based on this, we can then help you build a testing laboratory on your own premises. We’re a reference lab, too, so you can start off by using our UTI PCR tests to gain clinical experience before committing to establishing your own lab. If you go this route, we provide next day air shipping and offer same day results. 

How A Lab Partnership Works

If you decide to set up an onsite lab, we will customize it based on your customers’ needs.  Molecular also offers both lease and purchase options with very competitive pricing. Once the lab is up and running, we’ll continue to help you make it a success. We assist with CLIA compliance, lab directorship, training, standard operating procedures, validation, reporting, consumables and reagents. We will also provide ongoing technical support to your laboratory. 

Our Experience 

Molecular has been a leader in infectious disease for the last decade, setting up more than 22 urology groups throughout the country. Our extensive experience and white glove service has built us a strong reputation in the space. When you partner with us, you’ll elevate your practice and find out that we’re much more than a vendor. We continuously work to improve testing in the urology space, attending industry meetings and taking feedback from our clients. In the past year alone, we launched our extended panel that includes 25 targets with STI and rectal swab testing. We are committed to continue looking for ways to improve our current platform and develop other assays. 

Interested in trying our UTI PCR tests? Ready to increase patient satisfaction and revenue by creating an in-office lab? Contact us to learn more. 

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