Molecular joins the Washington PrEP Drug Assistance Program

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Washington State has been at the forefront of financial assistance for the prevention of HIV, offering one of the most comprehensive set of benefits to any resident at risk of HIV infections. Among those benefits is the complete subsidization of all lab costs for the initiation and continuation of an HIV prevention drug, commonly referred to as PrEP.

Any qualifying patient is eligible to receive subsidized treatment, testing, and medication through Washington State’s PrEP Drug Assistance Program. Today, Molecular Testing Labs (“Molecular”) joins the fight with Washington by becoming a provider of diagnostic laboratory services under this assistance program.

The protocols for prescribing PrEP recommend quarterly, diagnostic screening. Privately insured patients typically use PrEP for about a year, with publicly insured patients only using the medication for about half that time. Logistical barriers to diagnostics are regularly cited as a contributing factor for cessation of PrEP usage.

Any provider enrolled in the Washington PrEP DAP program can leverage Molecular’s industry-defining self-collection kits, allowing their patients to collect samples from the comfort of their own home. With Molecular’s unique approach to sample collection, providers can meet their patients’ diagnostic needs in any setting.

You can find an abbreviated list of our infectious disease assays validated for self-collection here and some of our most common self-collection kits here.

Not only do self-collection kits greatly reduce barriers to care and prevention for otherwise healthy patients, but they also center the patient in their healthcare experience. By transforming a patient from a passive to an active participant, providers can empower their patients to live healthier lives.

If you’re PrEP provider based in Washington State, we highly recommend applying for the PrEP DAP program. If you’d like to add self-collected diagnostics to your practice, please reach out and say hello at!

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