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Molecular Partners with IDLife to Empower Consumers with Genetic Information

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VANCOUVER, Wash., Feb. 25, 2019

Molecular Testing Labs (Molecular) announces a strategic partnership with IDLife, a health and wellness company based in Frisco, Texas. This partnership enables IDLife consumers to purchase Molecular’s Nutrition and Fitness DNA test kits through This personalized report allows consumers to pair their genetic information with IDLife’s customizable supplement platform – IDNutrition. Because genetics determines how the body processes nutrients and responds to different types of activities, consumers can now optimize their diet and fitness strategies.

Molecular Testing Labs prides itself on developing partnerships that bring novel molecular technology to the forefront of the wellness marketplace. Molecular uses state-of-the-art technology to decode an individual’s genetics and applies years of research to interpret numerous traits of nutrition and fitness. Through collaboration with experts at IDLife and their experienced sales force, customers gain access to both genetic and nutritional expertise.

James York, Managing Director of Business Development for Molecular states, “Molecular and IDLife share a commitment to empowering consumers with individualized solutions that improve their overall health and wellness goals. IDLife manufactures supplements that battle natural deficiencies. IDLife customers are now set up for better outcomes because they can customize supplements based on their bodies.”

The Nutrition and Fitness DNA report informs users of their natural predispositions and deficiencies. IDLife manufactures a wide variety of nutritional supplements that promote optimal performance. Kelly Chauvin, PharmD at Molecular reports, “Certain genes may indicate a slow recovery from training and these people are more likely to experience intense, delayed onset muscle soreness. IDLife pre-workout products with branched chain amino acids reduce the severity of this soreness and speed up muscle recovery.”

IDLife is investing in its customer base by providing incentives for the purchase of a Nutrition and Fitness DNA test. IDLife believes the combination of genetic testing and IDNutrition makes a compelling product that is unique in the health and wellness marketplace.

About IDLife

IDLife is a health and wellness company that is revolutionizing the industry with customized nutrition. The name stands for “Individually Designed Life” and was founded on the principle that no two people are alike; therefore, everyone has unique nutritional needs. IDLife’s mission is to offer the highest quality products and programs available to help people lead a healthier life.

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About Molecular Testing Labs

Molecular Testing Labs is a CLIA and CAP accredited, state-of-the-art, esoteric and reference laboratory. Specializing in high-complexity testing, Molecular testing provides an extensive portfolio of services including infectious disease, toxicology, targeted sequencing, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), and high-resolution immune profiling. Molecular Testing Labs offers a variety of clinical trial services comprising of assay development, trial site training, investigator support, and customized reporting. Molecular Testing Labs applies the maximum level of control to obtain the most consistent and highest quality results.

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