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Molecular Provider Portal Update

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At Molecular Testing Labs™ we are continuously striving to provide innovative and client-focused services by encouraging and evaluating feedback. By listening to our clients, we recognized an opportunity to enhance the way our services are accessed and ordered. Soon, we are releasing a physician’s portal update, giving our proprietary laboratory information system (LIS) a fresh new look and brand new functions that will create a more streamlined user experience for our clients.

The portal updates are planned to complete in several stages. Stage-one improvements will focus on a new website design, giving our industrial menu a user-friendly upgrade, speeding up the response time for accessing patient reports and information and adding new features to aid in efficiency and patient care.

One of our most exciting new features will be electronic ordering, implemented with stage-one improvements. Paper requisitions are still in use in laboratories and medical industry but can be cumbersome and inefficient. Our LIS updates will include a new ordering function for clients to utilize to order toxicology testing for patients. The system will link new orders to repeat patients allowing demographic information entered one initial time and then auto-populated for accuracy review on future orders. The system will alert to any missing information before the order is placed, minimizing specimen follow-up, and reducing delays in patients’ testing. Clients will be able to place an order, make updates and check status, and receive results from one convenient location.

Next-stage improvements for our physician’s portal will include account data and statistics, allowing clients to analyze the rates of consistent and inconsistent testing results over a period-of-time. Clients will be able to identify result trends and measure the effectiveness of tests. The portal will offer more efficient ways of submitting missing information, following up on specimens, contacting client support, and requesting additional testing from our infectious disease and genetics departments.

Quality patient care is always our highest priority, and with new improvements, our goal is to strengthen the productivity and care our clients provide to patients.

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