MolecularEd Webinar: New Approaches to Hepatitis C Testing, Moderator Christopher Hall MD

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Treatment of Hepatitis C (HCV) has been revolutionized by the introduction of directly acting antiviral medications, but identification of affected individuals who are candidates for such treatment remains a pressing public health challenge. While both self-collected specimen and point-of-care (POC) testing for HCV antibodies have been available for years now, use of these tests still requires patients to complete a second round of testing – typically in person – to determine whether detectable HCV virus is present, signaling infection necessitating treatment and also reflecting ongoing transmissibility of the virus. Molecular Testing Labs has introduced a viral load test (for RNA by PCR) utilizing a dried blood spot (DBS) collection device that patients can complete on their own or have collected as part of community outreach efforts offering fingerstick POC antibody testing.

This webinar highlights the need for such innovative testing aimed at decreasing barriers to hepatitis C testing and diagnosis. Watch to learn more about self-collect HCV testing on DBS, as well as how this test can be combined with fingerstick POC antibody tests to minimize patient wait times, limit loss to follow-up, and improve linkage to effective HCV care.

MODERATOR: Christopher Hall, MD, MS, AAHIVS. Clinical Medical Director, Molecular Testing Labs.


  • Andrew Seaman, MD. Central City Concern (Portland, OR) and Assistant Professor of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University.
  • Caitlin Conyngham. Senior Manager of Clinical Adoption, OraSure Technologies.
  • Charles Sailey, MD, MS. Laboratory Director, Molecular Testing Labs.
  • Brad Thorson. Director of Business Development, Molecular Testing Labs.

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