NASTAD’S 2022 National HIV & Hepatitis Technical Assistance Meeting

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NASTAD’S 2022 National HIV & Hepatitis Technical Assistance Meeting

“NASTAD’s 2022 National HIV and Hepatitis Technical Assistance Meeting will be held on October 11-14, 2022 in Washington, D.C.  The NASTAD’s 2022 National HIV & Hepatitis Technical Assistance Meeting will allow ADAP coordinators, Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part B coordinators, prevention managers, and hepatitis coordinators from states and CDC directly-funded jurisdictions to participate in various conversations about HIV and hepatitis policy, clinical developments, and innovative programming. The theme is “Responding to Shifting Public Health Challenges,” and will focus on health department efforts to address a confluence of challenges including COVID-19, MPV, reproductive health, and the politicization of public health work. The meeting, which will take place in person and include a virtual participation option, is formatted to include plenary sessions, breakout discussion sessions, and affinity sessions; more than 500 participants are expected during the course of the three-day event.”

Molecular Testing Labs is a Proud Sponsor

Molecular Testing Labs is a proud sponsor for NASTAD’s 2022 National HIV & Hepatitis Technical Assistance Meeting. During this three-day event Molecular Testing Lab’s very own Chief Commercial Officer, James York, and Director of Business Development – Public Health, Chip House will be in D.C. Empowering Lives On a Molecular Level. Interested in connecting? Complete the form, so that we can arrange a time to chat.

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Additional HIV & Hepatitis Resources

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) helps low-income people with HIV. We help them receive: Medical care , Medications , and Essential support services to help them stay in care. More than 50% of people with diagnosed HIV – about a half million people – receive services through the RWHAP each year.  We also help diagnose, treat, prevent, and respond to end the HIV epidemic in the U.S.

The Hep B Community is a global peer-led, volunteer-driven forum to support those living with and affected by hep B. We are dedicated to connecting people affected by hep B with each other and with verified experts in the field, who provide trustworthy and accurate advice.

The Global Fund works in partnership with governments, civil society, technical agencies, the private sector, and people affected by diseases to challenge barriers and embrace innovation. Since the peak of the HIV crisis in the late 1990s and early 2000s, The Global Fund has cut annual AIDS-related deaths and new infections by half. Of the 38 million people living with HIV, 27.5 million are on antiretroviral therapy today—21.9 million in the countries where the Global Fund invests.

A national nonprofit dedicated to finding a cure and improving the quality of life for people affected by hepatitis B worldwide. The Hepatitis B Foundation has a dedicated research institute, a Hepatitis Delta Connect Program, and a storytelling campaign that is sweeping the community!


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