October is National Medical Librarians Month


October is National Medical Librarians Month, intended to bring awareness to the vital work that medical librarians, also known as health information specialists, do. This year’s theme is “Yes, we do that!” which emphasizes the broad range of contributions that health information specialists make to medical care, education, and research every year. They work in various settings, including higher education institutions, medical research and treatment centers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and hospitals.

Health information specialists are often unknown or overlooked, but their contributions are integral to advancing medical research and health literacy. According to Yale University, when medical librarians are included in health information resources and services, providers make better clinical decisions, and patients experience better health outcomes. Medical librarians don’t simply locate and disseminate information; they are skilled in training students and the public to do the same, as well as provide expert insight into information management. They can help you choose the best database for your healthcare system or school, as well as provide helpful information about copyrighting and licensing. And, with AI-generated information becoming more and more common, medical librarians are increasingly important when it comes to assessing the validity and usefulness of the information coming from AI-based resources.

Molecular Testing Labs believes it is essential to help improve health literacy in our community and nationwide. We take pride in providing the most accurate information possible with reliable resources. We thank the medical librarians working in institutions of higher learning, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare systems who work tirelessly to educate the public and improve community health outcomes nationwide.



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About the Author: Brad Trusso