Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing and Its Impact on Wellness

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Most of us are familiar with DNA. It’s what makes us, well, ourselves. DNA testing can tell us whether we’ll likely have green eyes, curly hair, or a cleft chin, but it’s also helpful when making medical decisions. Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing is  a form of genetic testing that provides insight into a medication’s likely effectiveness and possible side effects for an individual patient. Your doctor might order this testing to determine the best medication to prescribe you with the fewest side effects, leading to better physical, mental, and even financial wellness.

According to a study in The Pharmacogenetics Journal, poor medication adherence accounts for as much as $300 million in the United States. Reasons for non-adherence include unwanted side effects, mistrust of the need for a medication, and a patient’s lack of understanding about their own health. Pharmacogenetic testing can help improve medication adherence and, thereby, mortality and morbidity, by assisting providers to choose the most effective medication with the smallest chance of side effects for their patients. Discussion of PGx results and the reasoning for a prescription can also improve patients’ relationship with their provider and the healthcare system, and allow them to better participate in their healthcare decisions.

Pharmacogenetics is becoming a key step in personalizing medicine and is most often utilized by primary care providers, according to a study in Pharmacogenetics and Personalized Medicine. The authors of this study suggest that the reason for this is patients’ preference for receiving in-depth information about their health from a provider they trust and are familiar with. Learning more about one’s body from a trusted source can help alleviate anxiety about taking medications and improve adherence, improving overall wellness.

Molecular Testing Labs is excited to offer PGx testing.  We provide clinicians with precision diagnostics, giving them the information they need to provide their patients with personalized, effective care. Our diagnostic testing is reliable, fast, and accurate so that providers can be confident in their healthcare decisions.

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