Research and Development inside Molecular Testing Labs

Our amazing team of scientists takes our lab to the next level by providing decades of expertise, and unbridled passion, to drive innovation.

Experimentation and innovation is at our core, and through the expertise of our incredible team of scientists we carry that spirit forward into our work with research universities and cutting edge digital health companies for both new assay development and health monitoring.


  • We confirm our methods meet industry standards by ensuring accurate results in all research projects.
  • Our scientists ensure that we get accurate results every day by testing different variables throughout their experiments to ensure precision for every sample.
  • Our scientists ensure we get accurate results every time a test is run for a precise result, regardless of changing variables (e.g., time of day, instrument, or lab temperature).
  • Because we offer unique and accurate methods for collecting samples, our scientists ensure that samples remain stable under the most extreme conditions (e.g., shipping conditions).
  • Every validation ensures that we will detect even the smallest amount of infection or virus by confirming our lower limits for detection.
  • All of our validations conform to CAP and CLIA standards, and as such, are inspected to ensure quality and compliance.
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