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We invest extensively in our technology to continue to innovate and bridge healthcare gaps for better patient outcomes.

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Connect into Molecular Testing Labs’ Lab Information System (LIS) and Automated Kitting Solutions

Custom LIS Training & Support 

HIPAA-Compliant Electronic Records Management System

Real-Time Patient Results

Our Secure Portal (with Patient Portal for Resulting):

  • HL7 EMR Integrations (for traditional clinics)
  • JSON API for digital health companies looking to scale their ordering

Proprietary Laboratory Information System

Accessioning Module: This is the module used to intake samples, record patient information, and place a record of the sample into the system for reporting and tracking purposes. There are several key features and functions in this module:

  • Data Entry via paper requisitions
  • Order Receiving via EMR, API, or e-order
  • Accuracy Review and error tracking
  • User data tracking for counting and timing entries
  • Internal-facing note system

Lab Modules:

The lab modules consist of individual and customized workflows based on the operating procedures of each specific lab to facilitate the testing and reporting of specimens. While each workflow may vary, the core functions of each lab are generally the same:

  • Support multi-lab Workflows
  • Backlog and testing queue
  • Worksheet generation
  • Equipment integrations and tracking

Certifying & Review Module:

This module is used for result certification and review of lab results. Core features and functions include:

  • Interpretation of raw results
  • Raw result uploading through instrument with advanced calculations and regression models
  • Review queues and tracking
  • Auto-noting of reports for result exceptions
  • Retesting flags and workflows

Reporting Module:

This module contains all the features and functions needed to report results to clients and patients. Key features are:

  • Auto-report generation
  • Auto-report delivery via selected methods
  • Normalized historical toxicology reporting
  • English & Spanish PGx reporting
  • Automatic reporting of state-mandated communicable diseases

Client Billing Module:

This is an internal billing system for clients who wish to pay for testing directly to the lab in place of or in combination with insurance billing of the patient. The key features and functions are:

  • Pre-paid account management
  • Individual client pricing
  • Client-facing management system
  • Automatic balance notifications
  • Low-balance specimen holding

Insurance Billing:

This module can work in conjunction with or separately from the client billing module. It has functions and features both internally and through third-party XIFIN integration.

  • Specimen registration workflow
  • Auto registration for returning patients
  • Registration flags based on specified criteria
  • Missing information recognition and notification
  • XIFIN billing software two-way integration
  • Click here for more information on Revenue Cycle Management
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Order Fulfillment Module:

Orders placed via EMR, API, or e-order can be routed through fulfillment for direct shipping to the patient. Features of this module are:

  • Fulfillment queue
  • Integration capabilities with third-party shipping partners
  • Ability to pre-build kitting workflows
  • Batch and lot number tracking
  • FDA-registered facility and cGMP compliant

Client Relations Module:

An internal CRM system for setting up client accounts, managing client billing, and assisting clients and patients with specimen questions.

  • Multi-level account settings
  • Account note feature
  • Automated change tracking
  • Compliance tracking
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External-Facing Portal Access:

We have created external-facing portals for clients and patients where access is determined and set by the Client Relations department.

Practice-Specific Portal Address

  • Electronic signature queue for orders
  • Report delivery
  • e-ordering platform
  • Kit & supply ordering
  • Resource library
  • Missing information system

Sales-Specific Portal Address

  • Supplies and order history
  • Account management
  • Document library

Patient-Specific Portal Address

  • Register self-collect kits
  • View test results
  • Update contact information

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