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From start to finish our incredible Logistics process and team bring dreams to reality seamlessly to ease patient and provider burdens.

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    The heart of everything we do is about delivering actionable results to patients and their healthcare provider. We design our diagnostic capabilities to maximize patient access and outcomes, whether it’s non-clinical-collection to increase who can be tested or pharmacogenetics to determine which medications will be most effective.


    Transforming diagnostic paradigms means considering the entire patient/provider journey. From devices for clinical collection, to complete kits for patient collection, to custom kits, we offer a complete logistics stack to maximize project outcomes. Our clients rely on us to keep their healthcare service needs moving forward, regardless of where their patients live.


    From the individual provider/patient relationship to state-wide surveillance, data is at the core of every single project we embark on. Our technology team builds and maintains interfaces and leverages our custom Laboratory Information System (LS) to enable clients of all sizes to submit orders and retrieve results, for states to monitor infectious disease, and for researchers to understand patient behavior.

    Research & Development

    Pushing the boundaries of patient access requires a steadfast commitment to novel science. We allow our partners to dream, so that we can make those diagnostics dream a reality. From research universities to pharmaceutical manufacturers, our Research & Development team makes the improbable possible.

    With Molecular as Your Partner you get:

    Molecular Testing Labs
    • Fully customizable kitting and fulfillment solutions
    • Fast integrations with ordering and carrier systems
    • Adaptable logistics plans for Clinical, Study, and Telemedicine projects
    • Kitting orders, delivery, specimen collection, and transportation are a large part of ensuring better patient outcomes with more accurate results.
    • Communication and centralized services allow us to work with Clinics, Health Plans, Universities, and Digital Health companies at scale.


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    “I started as a temporary employee nine years ago and am now a Sr. Executive of one of the largest divisions in the company. I have been given every opportunity to learn, grow and use my passion for change and transformation. My experience at Molecular has been exceptional.”

    Teresa Dodd

    Senior Director, Revenue Cycle

    “Due to Molecular Testing Labs’ various lines of business, system integrations, and more, I always have opportunities to challenge myself, learn new things and keep moving forward.”

    Zano Hsu

    Software Development Supervisor

    “Molecular has astounded me with our growth opportunities, innovation and healthcare. I am proud to be a part of this growth. As a key contributor, I use my skills as a scientist, manager and certification in Lean/Six Sigma to help our company reach patients with accessibility issues.”

    Ashley Lucas

    M.S., Senior Technical Manager of Labs

    “Molecular Testing Labs has continuously promoted me over the last nine years and has provided me Leadership training, tuition reimbursement for furthering my education, and Lean Six Sigma training to grow my skill set.”

    Matthew Lettunich

    Operations Manager

    “Molecular Testing Labs has allowed me to grow my management skills. They provide the tools for development. Molecular Testing Labs’ diversity in diagnostics has allowed me to learn new offerings and be a part of innovation in the laboratory space.”

    Dan Samia

    Director of Business Development

    Revenue Cycle:

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