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Trusted Operations and Diagnostic Partner for Top Research Universities

Health interventions can have an enormous impact on patients’ lives and aggregate healthcare costs, but to determine their effectiveness requires rigorous investigation. Molecular Testing Labs provides all the services necessary to continually monitor an intervention’s impact, regardless of location.

From kit building, to shipping, to testing, researchers can entrust that Molecular Testing Labs will handle all the hard lifting of getting their research program off the ground and going in no time. We currently work with a dozen Centers for AIDS Research on studies that span the entire country, helping expedite patient recruitment and increasing participation and retention.

We Support Connected Diagnostic Solutions for…

Molecular’s diagnostic services have been deployed across clinical practices of all sizes, from a singular clinician to a urology practice servicing an entire state. For those clinicians looking to elevate their patient experience and work with a leading innovator in the diagnostic space, Molecular Testing Labs is the perfect partner. From toxicology, to pharmacogenetics, to infectious disease, we have your needs covered.

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MTL Business Development Team
MTL Business Development Team
MTL Lab Processing

Digital Health Companies

Innovators in the digital health space need partners in the diagnostic space that can help them scale. Molecular’s dedication to patient access and scale makes us their ideal partner. From assay development to customized fulfillment and everything in between, Molecular Testing Labs has scalable solutions to meet every digital health company’s needs. Together, we can create incredible patient experiences.

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Public Health Departments

Reducing disparities in health equity requires meeting patients where they are, and that includes diagnostics. Whether patients aren’t able to come into a clinic for sample collection or don’t feel safe doing so, it’s important to have a suite of diagnostic modalities for keeping those patients engaged in their care. From city clinics unable to meet demand to syringe exchange programs without phlebotomy staff, Molecular has the tools to meet public health needs head on.

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Staff at MTL
Staff at MTL

Research Universities

Determining the effectiveness of health interventions is critical to controlling costs and helping patients live happier, healthier lives. Research participant recruitment has long been restricted to areas close to sample collection sites, but with Molecular’s logistics and diagnostic services, researchers can recruit patients anywhere in the U.S. Accelerating the matching of patients to interventions means accelerated innovation, and that’s something we can all get behind.

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