Molecular in the News: COVID Testing Spotlight

Molecular in the News: COVID Testing Spotlight

Published On: November 16, 2020By Categories: Company News/Press/PartnershipsTags: , ,


When the pandemic started, Molecular found itself in a unique position to meet testing needs. We had the testing equipment necessary to do the job, and our unique distribution and collection methods made us ready for large scale distribution and rapid response. We’ve more than doubled our staff count during the last 6 months and we are really making a difference in our communities. We’ve run over 347,000 COVID tests to date and we don’t plan on slowing down.

On Friday, Will Campbell from our local news organization The Columbian, wanted to recognize the work we are doing in our communities. This is something that wouldn’t be possible without the hardworking team of scientists, lab technologists, and other Molecular staff who are working tirelessly to help meet testing needs nationwide. We are proud of our Molecular Team.

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