Next Gen of Telehealth

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Telehealth was already on the rise before COVID-19 began, but the pandemic undoubtedly accelerated its widespread adoption. Still, virtual medical appointments have now become a norm that is likely to stay with us for the long-term. To make the most of this format, here’s a look at some telehealth trends along with telehealth tips for providers. 


The Upsides

Around 28% of patients surveyed reported that convenience was the primary reason they enjoy making use of telemedicine. Virtual visits mean they don’t have to drive to an appointment, spend money on gas or spend unnecessary time waiting at a healthcare office. Like with many other things in our society that can now be done from home (grocery shopping, working, etc.), convenience holds great appeal. 

Additionally, 34% of patients surveyed said that telehealth was their provider’s only available option at a given time, so they had to give it a try. Another 25%+ said that potential exposure to COVID-19 was what made them more interested in a virtual medical visit, which makes sense since infection control is another top reason often mentioned in support of telehealth. While not called out in this particular study, other patients have also cited the privacy of telehealth to be a draw for them. 


The Downside

With all these benefits, what are the drawbacks? Well, some patients prefer to see their medical provider in-person, a preference which simply can’t be solved by telemedicine. But for everyone else, it’s a viable and attractive option. So, are there any options for how to improve telehealth?

The main remaining downside of virtual visits is that medical testing still has to be scheduled and handled elsewhere. Everything else about a telehealth appointment is extremely convenient, except for this. Such a glaring gap in convenience is something that providers must fix if they want to offer telehealth that truly serves all of their patients’ wants and needs. 

Fortunately, at home testing kits can change this. By working with a partner like Molecular Testing Labs (MTL), your medical office can offer your patients white-labeled at-home health screening tests that give them the same convenience they expect from telehealth. Through fast shipping to the patients’ home address, easy at-home collection methods and pre-paid, ready to use packages and postage, patients can handle everything from their appointment to their testing from home. 


Interested in taking your telehealth offerings to the next level and improving patient satisfaction? Give us a call to find out how to get started with MTL. 

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