Diagnostic Solutions for all Practices

Being Accessible means Being Flexible

We designed our lab to be different from the beginning. Forget the restrictions of your traditional lab; if you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Our customers range from traditional clinics to digital clinics, to research universities, to state governments.

Read more about unique technologies we've developed to change the way diagnostics are leveraged in healthcare today.

Any Patient. Any Setting.

The vast majority of diagnostic sample collection is administered by a healthcare worker. We recognized the logistical limitations of this model and developed a full-service fulfillment center on premise at our labs.

We're able to package collection supplies, validated for patient self-collection, and ship them anywhere in the United States. With Molecular Testing Labs, healthcare providers no longer need to depend on their patient getting into a brick and mortar clinic in order to collect diagnostic information.

With patient self-collection, the provider/patient relationship is unbounded and able to grow in the best way for both parties. We've invested a tremendous amount of time and effort into our device validations for self-collection and have achieved sample rejection rates of less than 1% on most supported devices.

Complete Care Continuum

75% of healthcare costs go toward managing chronic conditions. From condition identification to medication metabolism to adherence monitoring, we've built solutions to follow a patient through their entire journey.

Molecular Testing Labs can offer a complete chain of testing solutions from diagnosis to treatment to adherence monitoring. Our lab has three core functions: protein detection, DNA analysis, and molecular saturation.

Don't settle for a snapshot of your patient's health. Let us help you identify health needs, evaluate potential medications, and track patient adherence. 

Facilitating Research

Experimentation is at our core–how else would we have developed our novel assays and collection methods? We carry that spirit forward into our work with research institutions for both new assay development and health monitoring.

Through our extensive experience contracting with many of the top research universities and clinical research organizations in the country, we've become adept at working with IRBs.

We have all the tools and information controls in place to facilitate any research project. Just reach out if you need more information or references.

Programmatic Access

You can see patients in person or over the internet; shouldn’t your lab be as flexible as you are? Molecular Testing Labs is one of the first diagnostic laboratories in the United States to offer an automated way to submit, track, and review your lab orders.

Whether you've licensed your own EMR or are building your own interface, our application programming interface, or API, gives you the ability to electronically interact with lab orders and their subsequent data.

We're serious about access, whether that's getting devices to patients or being the backbone of the diagnostics revolution. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

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