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Molecular will perform over 130,000 HIV tests in 2022 on self-collected samples 

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We are a high-complexity CAP and CLIA certified diagnostic laboratory and are in full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our lab is able to analyze various collection methods for community and individual-based testing of sexually transmitted infections, infectious disease, and other communicable diseases.



By lowering the barriers to testing, infections are identified that might otherwise have gone undetected and untreated. Creating easier access for surveillance allows public health departments the ability to work to prevent outbreaks that devastate communities. As a CLIA-certified lab, we report all reactives to local health jurisdictions.



In 2021, Molecular reported out 114,829 HIV results from patient-collected samples. Based on HRSA data from 2020, that would account for over 4.5% of the total HIV testing in America. Each month, Molecular runs over 250,000 assays on patient-collected samples. This includes testing for over 43,000 unique PrEP patients. 

We are actively working to help not only eliminate barriers to testing access, but eliminate the spread of preventable diseases.



We are committed to establishing ethical standards and conducting ourselves with the utmost integrity and discretion.


We are stronger when we work collaboratively and treat employees equitably regardless of their position in the company.


We use science, technology, creativity, and persistence to solve problems.


We speak and act from a position of honesty to honor confidentiality and build trust.


We are your scientific team providing accessible and innovative laboratory solutions.


We challenge the status quo with open minds, focus and speed.

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“The work you do is monumental at the early stages of Disease Control, management with a vision for elimination. The early stage implications of your activity cannot be understated.”

Bill Remak, Founder, Senior Advisor, GIANT , Global Immunization Action Network Team

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Seamless and Efficient Scaling of your Health Department

Lab Connectivity

EMR and API integration

Patient Result Delivery

Outbound and return shipping can be tracked through our HIPAA-compliant portal which also provides live tracking and updates of the kit through the whole specimen collection process.  

At-Home Collection

Our laboratory builds our test kits on demand to ship directly to the patient’s home. We can pre-build test kits to ship to your distribution center. We can even send you supplies to be used at your test site.

Digital Enablement

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Better Analytics

Our in-house expert Research & Development team has been specializing in self-collect testing. Our team supports over 20 new validations for self-collect annually. Thorough testing providing better patient outcomes.

Medical Equity

Molecular Testing Labs is committed to overcoming barriers related to geography, stigma, financial and geographical as well as increasing access to self-collect testing to reduce gaps in care.

Integrated All in One System

Manage All of Your Diagnostics 

Meet All of Your Testing Needs

Molecular Testing Labs validates Assays with the feasibility of collection in mind.

Molecular Testing Labs is a CAP accredited and CLIA licensed lab. We apply the maximum level of control to obtain the most consistent and highest quality results.

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