Sexual Health Month: Let’s Talk About It

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Sex is a part of life and a key part of what makes the world go round. Yet, there’s still a stigma that comes with talking about it. We’d like to show our support for Sexual Health Month and champion the folks who are openly sharing sexual health tips, like the value of self-collect sexual health screening tests. Keeping these topics in the dark doesn’t do anyone any favors while addressing them – and taking charge of your sexual health – head-on can keep you safe, healthy, and thriving. Here are a few things to remember during this important month. 


What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You 

If you’ve felt too ashamed or embarrassed to discuss sexually transmitted infections (STIs) with your doctor, now is the time to change this. By ignoring your health, you’re not avoiding STIs – you’re only avoiding the chance to treat and heal from them. 

So whether you’re experiencing symptoms or simply haven’t had an STI panel in a long time, ask your doctor how to proceed. You can also ask if they have self-collect sexual health screening test kits, like we provide at Molecular Testing Labs. With these kits, you can perform testing in the privacy of your home and get quick results. 


Prevention & Early Diagnoses Are Key 

Another key point to keep in mind is that the sooner you’re made aware of infections, the more likely you’ll be able to successfully treat them. By finding out if you have HIV, HPV, Chlamydia, Hepatitis, or something else, you can talk with your doctor and plan for the best way to overcome it. 

Of course, prevention is most ideal, so always practice safe sex and make sure you know the sexual health of your partner(s). But, if you’re concerned you haven’t practiced safe sex, or are experiencing symptoms, an early diagnosis can go a long way in giving you the best shot at healing. 

In honor of Sexual Health Month, pledge to take control of your sexual health and talk about at-home sexual health screening tests with your doctor. You’re worth it. 

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