Turnkey Supply Chain for Self-Collect Kits

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When you need a credible diagnostic lab to provide white-labeled at home testing kits for your patients, Molecular Testing Labs has you covered. From infectious disease to lifetime wellness (and many other health screening tests), we offer cutting-edge science and seamless logistics. Here are a few of the questions that we’re asked most often about our direct-to-patient supply chain, and how it can help you and your practice or organization give patients what they need.  

How does Molecular ensure patients can safely and appropriately return their kit?

Molecular’s kits are registered with the FDA and follow all guidelines for shipping human specimens. We use devices with a proven track record of patient acceptability and safety, so there’s never a concern about how your patients’ materials will be shipped or their safe arrival. In fact, we received around 300,000 kits last year alone, not including the kits of our partners who handle their own fulfillment. 

What does Molecular do to improve the logistics of shipping kits, and make the process so efficient?

Molecular is aware that the number of devices a patient has to collect a sample with will impact the return rate, so we’ve made our kits as efficient to use as possible. By focusing on a few patient-acceptable devices, we’re able to pre-build many kit configurations for any number of test combinations, allowing us to get shipments out fast. Every kit is assigned tracking numbers out and back, allowing our customers to proactively communicate with their patients and keep them apprised of updates. We can also provide branded designs for customers with over 1,000 orders a month, elevating professionalism in addition to efficiency. 

What are the benefits of shipping with USPS? 

We’ve chosen to ship our at-home self collect testing kits via USPS for many years for many reasons, first of which is to simplify the process and maximize return rates. Additionally, USPS ships six days a week and delivers to every zip code. They make it very easy for patients to return the kits, whether they prefer to do so in their home mail, at a drop box or at the post office and have thousands of locations nationwide. Thanks to using USPS, patients and providers can get their results as fast as possible at an affordable price. 

Once Molecular receives a kit, what’s the turnaround time to provide results? 

Speed is important in most industries, but it’s especially important in healthcare. When someone is submitting a specimen for a health screening, we know they want results fast. For most testing, we can turn around results within three to five days. However, some PCR testing can be reported in as little as 24 hours. 

We hope this helps you better understand the supply chain logistics of our at home testing kits and why so many organizations choose us as their diagnostic lab of choice. We’d love to talk with you about how we can be the same for you. Give us a call or contact us any time!


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