Ohio PrEP patients have access to home testing, no cost to those that qualify

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The Ohio Department of Health’s PrEP Assistance Program (PAPI) provides financial assistance for HIV prevention for any resident making less than 500% of the federal poverty line (less than $62,450 per year). This program has been a watershed for patients with the highest risk for HIV in the state, many of whom struggle to reach a lab for CDC-recommended quarterly testing. 

Last week, Molecular Testing Labs was approved as a diagnostics provider for PAPI-qualified patients. That means these patients can access our self-collection kits from the comfort and privacy of their own home. For non-salaried patients, this means no longer having to take time off work to wait in a phlebotomist’s waiting room, saving these patients hours of travel time and lost wages. 

Molecular Testing Labs is the nation’s leading provider of diagnostics on patient-collected samples, with a particular focus on sexually transmitted infections. Our advancements in dried blood spot technology allows us to offer the following assays: fourth generation confirmatory HIV p24 Ag/Ab, Hepatitis B sAg, Hepatitis C Ab, syphilis Ab, and creatinine. 

Providers rely on our testing to maintain visibility into their patients’ health and increase persistence to medications like PrEP. With access to at home, self-collected sample kits, testing is no longer a barrier to medication adherence. 

If you’re a PrEP provider in Ohio and you’d like to enroll in the PAPI program, you can visit this page. If you’d like to offer self-collection at your practice, please reach out to hello at! 

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